I’ll hate when morning comes…

It’s almost 1am, Saturday, October 5th, 2019.

Today is the Fall Festival, where people I never met and people I wish i never met, and a jazz band.

of course there’s a parade … yeah .. we don’t get school shootings, regrettably.

I don’t go because Ill be in Hillsboro playing video games with Jentai and her dad.

Yesterday Jentai and I went up to her aunt’s boyfriend’s house to give her the $15 she had sent to Jentai’s bank account when Jentai was in the hole about $80.

Jentai’s aunt its a godsucker, but she obviously doesn’t remember that GREED is one of 7 deadly sins.

Her head migrating aunt tried to teach me some sort of half-assed manners
A: wesley what is wrong with your mouth?
W: nothing why?
A: you ‘spose to say hello.
W: I’m a quiet person.
Yeah you are not trying to warp me back to normal just because your life is a mess!

Have you ever seen Russian slap contests? look them up on youtube.

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